The free report provides a live sample of the Accounting Ratios for company benchmarking

Try a free report covering the latest accounting ratios for a sector to see what the Industry Watch Service offers subscribers. The latest figures - all updated each week - in each of the 1700+ sectors and in the two formats shown: PDF report and spreadsheet are included.

The Industry Watch Service also allows comparisons between different sectors in graphical form. The video on the page providing the free reports shows how the service looks and explains the comparative graphing and how to download reports on any sector whenever you require the latest information.

Industry Watch Service - Subscription

Standard Subscription

365 days access to data on all sectors - Aimed at Accountants, Management Consultants & Business Development Executives.

Inquire here to discuss the any aspect of the service and your requirements if any of your questions remain unanswered.

Meantime why not obtain a free report by clicking the link on the right to see how easily you can add value to any of your own client reports with a subscription to the Industry Watch Service?