Factoring - S I C 64992
Sector Report

The latest Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector Report has been compiled by Merlin Scott Associates Ltd to compare the 170 key firms in the Factoring - S I C 64992 market and is now available online.

The subscription to this industry report includes weekly updates to incorporate the very latest data for the Factoring - S I C 64992 sector as it emerges throughout the year. The whole industry is analysed and presented in one publiction to make it quick and easy to review and to see the latest rankings, averages and accounting data making it ideal for:


Report Versions

  • Access to weekly updated Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector reports means never being out-of-date
  • All versions of our Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector financial analysis report shown below always contains the latest financial data, trends and industry averages:
Searchable Database
Number of Firms Included 170 170 305
Facility to include further relevant firms Yes Yes Yes
eBook updates for 12 months Yes Yes Yes
Printed copy in the post Yes
Facility to segment report Yes
Facility to print customised reports Yes
Report data in a spreadsheet Yes

More than 20,000 business directors have subscribed to receive reports from us and these have enabled them to improve their company's performance by benchmarking their firm against competitors, by conducting research into customers, suppliers, or aquisition targets and by using the reports to identify suitable business development opportunities in other ways.

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Some comments from
previous customers:

  • "Thank you very much. You should advertise your "customer service" - it's the best of any company I work with." - Mark A... Chairman
  • "It's now VERY, VERY good, brilliant in fact. How wonderful it is to deal with such a responsive company (you!)." - Chris W... Executive Chairman
  • "If you require any feedback from me - I think it is bloody brilliant" - Michael S... Management Accountant
  • "Marvellous product. Congratulations. Very pleased to know of this resource, which I will definitely use again." - Kenneth M... Head of Forensic Accountancy
  • "Very many thanks for this - a wonderful product + superb support." - Neil M... Partner
  • "Thanks Niel for all your help - managed to get it to work over the weekend - a quite phenomenal tool - well done!" - Jonathan L... Director
  • "I now have the correct database up & running. I must say, that I am very impressed with the level of analysis and love how easy it is to rank companies by turnover; profit-etc. I am sure that I will have fun looking and comparing the results of our main competitors. Thanks for your assistance." - Stephen D... Managing Director
  • "The report was received yesterday. I haven't had an opportunity to look through it as yet but impressions were that it was a very thorough and well presented report which will prove very useful for our traders and financial people over the coming year, Thank you for despatching this report for my attention so quickly" - Alan T... Chief Executive
  • "Thank you very much for the update. I would also like to compliment you on your report. The original made fascinating reading over the Christmas period! It is unusual to get a report specifically for Land Surveyors, normally we get included with Surveyors & Valuers." - Ian L... Operations Manager
  • "We have begun working through the Report on insurance intermediaries and it looks excellent." - Rupert M... Managing Director
  • "I am currently writing a business plan for a new business I intend to start in the next few months. I found your reports really helpful and the feature to search company details on the updating section is great because I did not only see how we are doing against the large companies but also against some of the local companies I know" - Etienne B... Managing Director
  • "Many thanks for this, much appreciated. I think there is much we can do to support the premier source of data for our industry" - Paul M... Director
  • "Excellent. Great service." - David C... Director
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Good decisions can only be based on the latest directly relevant rankings, and industry averages:
  • Market Share and Key Performance Indicators are provided for the Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector
  • Easily add all any further relevant firms to the group
  • Use the searchable database to focus on exactly the relevant firms with benchmarking averages and rankings recalculated to reflect your choices
  • The Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector benchmarking report is automatically updated weekly
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The Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector analysis report is an overview of who is in the sector and how they are doing, containing:
  • All the firms in the Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector in a single publication
  • Up to date industry rankings and trends making it easy to spot the best prospects
  • Contact information for key directors and shareholders
  • Exportable current data to enhance your sales prospect database
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Mergers &

The Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector report is designed to quickly produce relevant shortlists by making it easy to:
  • Identify firms based on financial criteria such as sales or profits
  • Identify UK firms based on geographic criteria
  • Export mailing lists of key shareholders
  • Segment the Factoring - S I C 64992 Sector analysis using the searchable database to produce customised industry analysis reports which are automatically kept current as new data emerges
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