Industry Averages for all UK business sectors

A key benefit of the Industry Watch Service is the 1000+ researched sectors it contains. The listing below shows the report sectors covered by a subscription to the Industry Watch Service. Each sector has the key accounting ratios for benchmarking a firm within the industry. It is also simple to compare industry statistics between sectors, for example finding the industry with the highest average wage or the highest return on investment. The industry averages are extracted from the underlying Merlin Scott Associates industry sector report of the same name. These reports features the individual company detailed financial statements for each of the firms in the sector, financial ratios, rankings and trend analysis graphs.

Key Performance Indicators for all UK business sectors

If you are looking for industry averages for a single sector you would be best subscribing for the relevant sector report on the apprropriate link below since this will be the most cost effective way to obtain the full industry sector analysis. The Industry Watch Service is targeted at customers needing industry benchmarks across serveral sectors - it contains the industry averages and trends for all the 1000+ sectors listed below as well as coverage of some 700 SIC based sectors.

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Although SIC codes can be useful, and they are included in the Industry Watch Service, they are not always focused enough for benchmarking purposes. If you want good benchmarking data, and so are not content with the vagaries SIC classifications, you need the Industry Watch Service which is based on 1000+ carefully researched industry sector reports listed below. Considerable research effort over a 25 year period ensures that the list of companies from which the industry averages figures are evaluated are indeed relevant to the sector.

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